And they said I wouldn’t remember…


I had my dreaded “procedure” on Tuesday and I wasn’t looking forward to it. I was anxious and nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Everyone said it was the prep work that was the hardest and the procedure itself would be a piece of cake and I wouldn’t remember a thing.

Well, folks, I’m here to say … I do remember.

The prep work was hard. I’m not going to lie. I had specific instructions one week out, starting with no nuts or seeds. Four days out, I had to take two tablespoons of Milk of Magnesia morning and night. That stuff is NASTY!! It claims to be a gentle laxative, however, taking it in the quantity I was taking it in proved to be a bit more potent.

Two days out- low residue diet. No fruits or veggies, nothing fried, no oil, no NOTHING basically. Ok, I did have an egg and some turkey breast meat.

One day out- liquid diet! Say what?! No food at all. Only clear liquids. I started this Monday morning by going to work until two in the afternoon. By 3:00, I was to be drinking this Miralax/orange Powerade concoction.

Now the fun not so fun part. 32 oz of Powerade mixed with 1/2 the Miralax. I got it down within the hour and decided it wasn’t so bad. A couple hours passed and yes, I had to get up multiple times to use the bathroom, but hey, it wasn’t as bad as everyone was saying.

I slept through the night and woke up to repeat the process. I was starving more than anything since I hadn’t had real food since Sunday night.


Phew! The last bottle of nasty juice -done! It didn’t taste bad, it’s name comes from what I knew it would do to me. I might as well have set up camp in my bathroom because that is where I spent all morning. Just when I thought it was safe to come out, I would be beckoned back inside by an uncontrollable force.

Eee gads. My appointment wasn’t until 1:00!

I checked in at 12:20 per the instructions. The DH stayed by my side until the actual “procedure.”

I was scared! But hey, nurse Pam gave me a great gift:


A PINK IV! That was nice.

Now for the happy juice. A combo of forgetful drug with pain relieving drug. Supposed to equal = not remembering. Well, the funny thing is – I do remember! I remember watching the screen and listening to the doc tell me he was removing a polyp. I wasn’t in any pain though! When he finished, I could hear the nurse outside the room looking around for the DH, but he wasn’t in the lobby. **he wishes I would’ve forgotten this part**

I got dressed and had a chat with the doc and nurse.

Here’s the real reason I’m telling you all this. Laying it out there. I just turned 40 this year. Most people have their first colonoscopy at 50. However, due to my family history and the fact I was having some issues while running, it was prudent to have this done now and not wait another 10 years. And, I’m glad I did! I had six medium sizes polyps removed. SIX! Some polyps carry cancer while others do not. And some can turn into cancer if not removed. Mine didn’t appear to be abnormal in any way, but the doc stressed how happy he was I came in now rather than at 50. I will have to go back in three years to have the procedure done again. Until then, let me be grateful I had my original issue that sent me to the doc in the first place.

PS- thank you friends for your support!


10 responses to “And they said I wouldn’t remember…

  1. Wow Gina! So glad you were able to catch those polyps early and get them removed! I sure hope the best for you that your health continues to recover. Let me know what you will be training for this year and maybe we can do some races together. πŸ™‚

  2. Been thinking of you Gina, so glad to hear everything went well!

  3. Can’t help but smile. πŸ™‚ Hopefully your butt heals up nicely and we can hit the pavement together for your come back race.

  4. I am also someone who had “issues” when running. This is a great reminder that preventative care is the best thing you can do!

  5. Thanks for posting this. I, too, just turned 40 and have a family history of colon cancer. You’ve motivated me to look into doing a colonoscopy this year. Glad you are doing well now.

  6. Good for you Gina, and especially happy to hear the positive results. I am happy to say I had my colonoscpy. at 50 and was given a 10 year “greenlight”. To paraphrase a famous slogan-“Just Do It!!

  7. YAY, GINA!!! Soooooooooo happy you did not wait! I waited until 51…really didn’t want to go in…but glad I did because they found a few tiny polyps. They removed them and I go back every five years now. I have lost a couple of friends to this type of cancer. Everyone get checked out…it really is not that bad…just drinking the powerade and miralax along with the after effects!LOL Merry, Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful little family!

  8. I love your hardwood floors!!!!

    …figures that I would notice that above all else.

    Glad you are feeling better. πŸ™‚

  9. It is so amazing when people pay attention to their bodies. Congrats on that!

  10. Arlane let me know about how much fun you had this month! I’m so very happy to know you are OK and will be kicking butt for many many years to come. Wish you a very happy, healthy New Year!

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