I’m suing Macy’s …

… Or maybe I’ll sue Cole Haan.

Those flight of stairs hurt as I tumbled down with just not a little thud, a GREAT big thud.


And, why I couldn’t stop with just a stair or two, I’ll never know. I just kept going. All the way to the bottom. Yes — ouch!

As I replay this over and over in my head, I wonder if Macy’s stairs were to blame? Or, perhaps it was my Cole Haan boots?

…or maybe the bartender at PF Changs over served me those lovely little Coconut Lemon Sours. Surely, that was it!


No, no … I’m kidding of course!

I was just embarrassed beyond belief and am waiting for the dark bruises to show. For now, I’ll be thankful I didn’t break anything and am just stiff.

To those who saw me come down and you gasped in horror, it’s okay. Yes, it hurt, but I couldn’t stop to chat. I had to hurry, you see, because humiliation was fast on my heels.

And, wouldn’t you know — it caught me.

2 responses to “I’m suing Macy’s …

  1. Ouch!!!! Hope you are okay!! I would have had just as many coconut sours as you though and we could have tumbled together…

  2. Glad you are ok Gina!! That happened to me once at work, IN A SKIRT. Snapped both the heels off my shoes. Oh my gosh, so embarrassing!

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