G learns to Snowshoe

Today was a brand new experience for me. It was my very first time snowshoeing! My friend, Cherrelyn, invited me and I jumped at the chance.

It was a beautiful day and drive to Mt. Baker.


I managed to piece together some winter wear and we were off.


We trekked 2 miles overall in about 75 minutes (that includes picture taking and eating a Lara bar). It was an awesome workout! I cant wait to go back already … I loved it. I mean, what’s not to love with these sites:




Thanks Cherrelyn!


ps…. Great snowshoe rentals at REI. Only $15.00.


3 responses to “G learns to Snowshoe

  1. Looks so much fun and something we have discussed doing as a family some time. In fact, I think one of the Boy Scout troups is going snowshoeing sometime in January.

  2. Awesome, Gina! Glad you enjoyed it….I, too, love snoeshoeing. For the first time since I’ve lived here in Boise, we have NO SNOW up at Bogus Basin, our ski resort here just up the hill. It’s crazy. Praying for snow here as we have a girls yurt trip planned later in January and plan to do lots of skate skiing and snowshoeing. Would love to have you out here to Boise sometime…maybe even make a trip up to Sun Valley, only 2.5 hrs away!

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