If you know me at all, you know I love everything that is clean and ORGANIZED. So, I spent the better part of yesterday and today on cleaning and organizing.

I started with Spencer’s room. I’m sad I didn’t have the forethought of blogging about this until AFTER his room was clean, but let me paint the picture for you.

Candy wrappers, Pokemon cards, loose change, crumpled up pieces of paper, dirty clothes hidden in the most unimaginable locations, cars, soldiers, nerf gun bullets, sports gear, clean clothes shoved in drawers and piled on the floor, a smell only recognizable to a mother with an 11 year-old boy. Need I go on? …. GRR!!

And so I got to work.




Onto to kid two. My 14 year old daughter. Let’s just say that her room looked like a bomb had exploded. Mostly of clothes since she feels the need to change them several times a day. I showed her again what a hanger looks like and how to operate such piece of equipment. She rolled her eyes, which told me she already knew. *insert mother smirk here*

I did happen to capture the before:


Eee-gads. I can see the horror in your eyes. Rest assured, it was handled swiftly and promptly. Not without a couple more photos though. teeHEE!


And, one more for good measure (or because she rolled her eyes at me).


Copper didn’t seem to mind the mess.

After a few more hours, my princess had a clean room again.



Now, before you start in on me about cleaning their rooms, hear me out.

1. I only do this for them a couple times a year.

2. I pitch the old stuff and organize to my hearts content.

3. They love it!

So, Happy New Year’s kids. Let’s keep those rooms clean and tidy, shall we?

5 responses to “Clean-a-ling-a-ding-dong

  1. That is neat compared to my teenaged self. My mother threatening to clean and tidy was all it took to get me to.

  2. Wow! I wish my son’s rooms were that clean! Can you come do ours? 😉 And good luck keeping them clean. I’ll give it one week….

  3. How long will it stay so clean?!

  4. I definitely recognize the teenage girl room!!

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