Welcome to my BLOG! I have been passionate about running and working out since my college days, but didn’t start endurance running of any sort until 2006. Even then, I thought I would just do one marathon and check it off my list of things to do before I die. I did my ONE and then several to follow because I was hooked!

What else can I do? Maybe a TRI?

So, in 2009, I trained for my first baby tri (smaller than a sprint TRI as the swim was only 1/4 mile). And, I didn’t know how to swim! I doggie paddled my way through, then biked like mad and ran just as hard, and ended up winning my first baby TRI. I should mention here that the field was extremely small at about 100 peeps, but I was stoked (and, eh hem, I’ve never come close to winning another — HA!).

I then stepped up my TRI training and did a half Ironman in 2010, then another in 2011, followed by my DREAM come true: IRONMAN CANADA. I’d like to do another in a couple of years, but will focus on family, health, and smaller races for the 2012 season.

Please join me on my journey of random thoughts.

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  1. Hi Gina,

    Rae forwarded to Earline and me your email to her. And since we follow Rae and her husband, Casey, in their (marathon, tri, ironman) pursuits religiously, I am as surprised as Rae to find you in the same pursuit and with a ‘drivin’ fervor for it. And your picture is very pretty; in fact, at first I thought I was looking at Rae !! Maybe it is partially due to just having the look of a tri-athlete………….is that possibly ?

    Anyway, nice to hear from you, Gina. Earline and I will be very interested in keeping up-to-date on your activities through Rae (who is so excited to now be connected with you).

    • Hi Jim! So good to hear from you!! I am SO happy Rae and I found each other after all these years!! AND, who would’ve thought we have the same passions?!? I am so excited that Rae is also doing IM Canada. I can hardly wait to see her …it’s been forever! I would love to have your and Earline’s support! Thank you for following my adventure. Dad and Kristy are up this weekend so I told them all about finding Rae! (well, I said RaeAnn! HA!) Write me anytime!! email is: trytotriallthree@gmail.com

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